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Areas of Focus
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Philosophy & Process:

photo of hands shakingPhilosophy:
I am an evaluative mediator with skills best suited to cases in litigation or in the pre-litigation stages.

I believe

  • Mediation should focus on the hard issues in the case. Whether they are issues of law, fact or evidence.
  • Probable results, and the cost and risk of litigation usually drive a settlement.
  • Authorized decision-makers should be present during the mediation process.

A week before the mediation, I request a detailed position statement from each party.

My role in the process includes

  • Explaining the risks and expenses associated with litigation.
  • Minimizing time spent in mediation.
  • Determining if enough information is available for a successful resolution.
  • Communicating information through an opening session, as requested.
  • Calling parties to get additional information, or to request they address certain issues during mediation.
  • Following up on mediations not concluded on the day scheduled for mediation.
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