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Areas of Focus
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Testimonials & References:

These quotes are pulled from unsolicited letters written by previous mediation participants including some lawyers and some from other parties.

“Once again, I wanted to thank you for the excellent work last week. You are the best at what you do, and 100% of the time hit the nail on the head.  Great work, and I hope to see you again soon."

“I thank you for a very super result yesterday. It was difficult. You worked your tail off in a very skillful way.  You stayed after it like a bulldog, and I am glad you did. I look forward to the next time.”

“Nice job today. As usual.”

“Once again, thanks for the great job you did in the mediation yesterday. You picked up on all the complicated issues and worked great with all the parties.

Look forward to using you in the next mediation.”

“You make me laugh. I am glad it got done and seems like a decent deal for all involved. I was impressed by your handling of Mr. (X). Part of our multiple 'team' involved dealing with some of the difficult personalities. I would have been there myself, but for ... a need for some more gray hair and a male presence. Gotta love it.

Hope things continue to do well for you and your mediation practice. I always appreciate your finesse in handling inquiries, offers, etc.”

“I want also to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you in our mediation. You made a less than ideal situation much more interesting and pleasant. Both (husband) and I appreciated how you carried the day.”

“Just wanted to thank you for doing an amazing job getting this case settled. Nobody thought it could be done. As a mediator myself, I’ve learned a few tricks. Thanks again.” (Out-of-State Attorney)

“I wanted to again thank you for such great work today. Results never cease to amaze, but everyone is both happy and better off in the long run. I hope to work with you again in the future."

“(Husband) and I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding job that you did during our mediation on Friday. We do not think anyone could have done a better job of dealing with (Y and Z), and your efforts on our behalf with (the insurer) were masterful! We are delighted to have this behind us and know that nobody could have mediated a better solution than you."

“Done. Thanks. You did a great job for us yesterday. My clients were very pleased with the process and felt gratified that they had a chance to tell their story and be taken seriously."

“As always the pleasure is mine Jerry ... you really try to convince BOTH sides to move ... FAR better than the "LAP DOG" technique of many others."

“Thank you for your hard work yesterday. I was pretty pessimistic about the likelihood of settling this one."

“Great job in the mediation on Friday. That was a tough nut to crack, but you did it."

“You did a really nice job on our mediation and I will certainly call upon you for any other meditations we may have in the Kansas City area and/or around Topeka.

I was very impressed that you were able to get it done for exactly the amount you projected at the outset.

Thank you again for your efforts and I look forward to our next mediation." (Out-of-State Lawyer)

“Jerry, you did a fantastic job and thanks very much for your efforts."

“Seldom have I come across a mediator that truly represented the interests of the parties with the professionalism and focus you displayed. We appreciate your efforts, and again thank you." (Insurance Representative)

“I have enjoyed our working relationship over the past many years. I look forward to many more opportunities to work together in the future. In other words, don’t retire any time soon!"

“Thanks for your skillful efforts to successfully mediate this case last Friday. Well done"

“Certainly. At times you had to carry more water for us than you should have, which falls on me. A lot of moving parts in that one."

“We appreciated your efforts ... in what was a sometimes difficult mediation. Your skill and experience were obvious in moving this case to conclusion and we sincerely appreciate your efforts."

“I ... received the (very reasonable) invoice for your services and will pay it promptly.

Jerry, thanks again for the incredible job you did in helping plaintiffs, defendants, and (insurer) reach a settlement. I have mediated cases in front of many nationally prominent mediators. You are as good as any of the rest of them, and better than many of them. You have an extraordinary sense of when to be patient and when to push; when to direct your communications to lawyers and when to direct them to clients. You moved my clients and me towards an acceptable settlement without ever being abrasive, and remained poised no matter how far apart the parties were and how unlikely a settlement seemed. Most astoundingly – and I consider this a quality that only the best mediators share – you made us feel throughout that you were on our side. That is no mean feat, especially because, as you pointed out, you were on no one's side but the side of settlement. I have already recommended you to several of my partners, and will continue to do so with the greatest enthusiasm." (Out-of-State Lawyer)

“Lidia, please convey to Jerry our heartfelt thanks. He is terrific."

“ Wow! He is awesome and cheap – paid today. Please let him know that he did an outstanding job as well, and I will request him every time in the future." (insurance representative sent to his counsel)"

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References relevant to your dispute or geographic area will be supplied upon request.

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