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Areas of Focus
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Testimonials & References:

Additional Testimonials:

“I don’t know how you do it, but you seem to have an unerring knack for sensing what issues are driving parties to take their positions, and what you need to point out to them to bring them around to a resolution. I appreciate how you get the parties to put forth their own positions so that you don’t have to be their messenger and come across as argumentative. You never seem to lose focus on what your mission is. You really do a fine, fine job.

Since I am the one who persuaded the other parties here to use you, as opposed to some “world-renowned” fellows from Boston or L.A., I am particularly proud of how you wrestled this dispute to the ground and pinned it but good. Thanks again, and best of luck to you.”

“I’m writing to thank you for the extraordinary efforts you made to ensure that the mediation of our case was a success. There is no question in my mind that these cases would not have settled but for your involvement. You handled an unusually complex and difficult situation with your usual graciousness, intellect and finesse. I think they call it ‘Palmer Style.’”

“I cannot think of another mediation with more complexities and difficulties. You did a wonderful job of handling the multiple “egos” of the partners and I am amazed by the skill you demonstrated! You are the best!”

“Thank you for three extraordinarily difficult days. I didn’t understand fully the arduous task assigned to you. But, wow!

You maintained our trust and respect throughout the process, kept the options open and masterfully switched from plan A to plan B and back again.

I am deeply appreciative and mindful that our best defense is to remain vigilant of our process and procedures. You did not let us lose sight of the privilege of serving patients despite pecuniary and conflicting negotiation interests.

You showed compassion, wisdom and brought us peace of mind. Thank you.”

“I attribute the successful resolution of this case, in very large measure, to your firm but fair approach to this case.”

“You were the most prepared mediator I have ever worked with and I feel that your knowledge of the case was instrumental in getting the case to settle.”

“Thank you for your time, persistence, wisdom and determination to settle our case. I thought you did an excellent job and throughout the day you kept your “cool” and balance.”

“Thanks so much for conducting the mediation in this case. You are every bit as good as everyone says. I enjoyed meeting you and also having my client be the beneficiary of your success."

“Thank you for your assistance in bringing a resolution to our case. You certainly had an uphill struggle for two days trying to find reasonable people who were not necessarily prepared to look at realistic solutions.”

 “As I told you at the conclusion of the mediation, I thought you did a terrific job in getting all of these cases resolved. I also appreciate the delight you seem to take in the bantering that made the mediation a much more pleasurable experience.”

“I want to tell you what a super job you did. We may or may not settle this before trial, but that is certainly not your fault. You brought both sides closer than they’ve been in three years.”

“Once again, you far exceeded my expectations.  Thank you for your dedication, and thanks for the kind words you passed along . . .”

“Your knowledge, style, personality and assertiveness were all very skillfully used to bring the parties to a realistic resolution.”

“Thank you for the efficient, professional and courteous way in which you handled the mediation.”

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